Empowering Youth through Tourism!


“Pakistan is proud of her youth, particularly the students who have always been in the forefront in the hour of trial and need. You are the nation’s leaders of tomorrow and you must fully equip yourself by discipline, education and training for the arduous task lying ahead of you. You should realise the magnitude of your responsibility and be ready to bear it.”

Our youth are our greatest asset

Sardar Usman Ahmad Khan Buzdar, Chief Minister Punjab

“The role of youth is pivotal in making a new Pakistan. In Punjab, a major portion of the population consists of youth and the government is committed to empowering it in the real sense. Investment on youth is the priority of the government because youth have tremendous potential. Pakistani youth has brought laurels home and the nation has attached many expectations to the youth. The objectives of the new Pakistan will be achieved by providing resources and opportunities for the empowerment of the youth. 

Tourism is an industry where young ambitious people can progress and develop. You may learn teamwork, communication skills and leadership capabilities blended with excitement and life changing experiences. Further, you have the opportunity to witness our heritage, civilization, culture, values and interaction from diverse range of people in an enjoyable industry”.

Samina Baig Young Pakistani to conquer seven highest peaks

Tourism offers Excitement and life-changing experiences

In an era full of challenges for the tourism industry, tourism for young people is a very important market segment, being a resource for change and innovation. According to UNWTO forecasts, 2020 will be about 300 million young people who will travel in a year, accounting for 320 billion dollars in market value. Youth tourism provides new learning opportunities to enrich their experience at all levels. For young people, travel is a form of learning, a way to meet other people, a way to have contact with other cultures, a source of career development, a means of self – development, an essential part of everyday life, a brief escape from reality. Young people are adventurous and want to develop their own knowledge. Often chooses to work in the places they choose to visit. They have an important role in attracting new visitors to their destination. Young people are adventurous and want to develop their own knowledge. They have a wide variety of forms of tourism for young people from which to choose. Each form itself helps to progress and evolve in different ways.

There has never been a better time for a young Pakistanis to enter tourism

Youth Bike Race Cholistan

At the heart of a new tourism employment brand is what the industry can deliver to young people

Tourism, which is vibrant and fastest growing industry, contributes a huge amount of revenue to a considerable extent, creating value on more jobs, as well as a balance of payments from economic context. It also plays a crucial role to alleviate poverty. Thus, more attention has been directed to the issue of tourism both by advanced and emerging economies. From this point of view with the unprecedented growth of tourism industry since the inception of the 20th century, it has been seen a growing interest in tourism market segments. Similarly, the international significance and recognition of youth travel gained remarkable attention for both policy makers and tourism governments.

Towards enhancing youth tourism

Unleashing the potential of a young Pakistan

TDCP Tourism Awareness Programmw (TAP)!!

In Pakistan, around 63% of the population is concentrated below the age of 25 years. Harnessing the potential of you is not only important in social and economic terms for youth at individual level, but also in terms of overall economic growth as well. TDCP Tourism Awareness Programme is an innovative approach to learning which cover the core themes of the tourism industry to promote educational development of the students and to prepare them to play their role for responsible tourism.








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How we implement this Programme?

Youth Tourism Proramme is a vibrant wing of TDCP. TDCP trained and professional team visit colleges and schools and gave them presentation on the subject.  This is an interactive session. The students are provided printed material. At the end of each session students plant trees in their institution.  In addition to that the student Ambassador of educational institute is also nominated. Later, interested students are enrolled for study tours.

Join our youth empowerment Programme?

Many countries around the world have a heavy reliance on tourism, which is one of the main economic sectors and also a major source of revenue, foreign exchange earnings, jobs and investment. In recognition of the importance of tourism Punjab Tourism has initiated tourism awareness programme, targeted at youth. These programmes assist in raising the tourism sector’s profile and status at the national level and are typically aimed at meeting a variety of stated goals, including creating a better understanding of tourism and creating a greater social acceptance of tourism. The Programme aimed to empower the youth by enhancing their knowledge, awareness about career options available in this sector. However, the major objective of this programme is linked with the government campaign “Clean and Green Pakistan.  Definitely to make our young people a responsible citizen. I will request all educational institutes to be the part of this programme for empowerment of our youth. Please contact us for further details.

Managing Director TDCP


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