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” “The protection of life and property of the minorities living in Pakistan is a responsibility of the government. There is no doubt that Pakistan is the safest country for the minorities where according to the ideology of Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the minorities are given religious freedom and protection..”

Punjabi Christians

Christian community of the British India vehemently supported the cause of Pakistan and made substantial contribution towards it.

Christianity is the third largest religion in Pakistan. According to the 2017 Census, the proportion of Christians in Pakistan was estimated about 1.27% of the population. Thomas the Apostle is credited with the arrival of Christianity to the Indian subcontinent including one near the city of Taxila. Christians in Punjab and Sindh were quite active after 1945 in their support of  Muslim League and had rendered valuable services.

The discovery of ‘Nestorian cross’, 900-1200 years old

New light on Pakistan’s Christian past as giant cross found in Baltistan

On 14th June 2020, the first evidence of Skardu Christian predecessors was found on the highest mountain of Kavardo village. It is speculated that the cross is perhaps 900-1000 years ago, which marks the decline of Buddhism and  marks the association of this land with Christian beliefs. There is a possibility that some of Christians missionaries living on the eastern border of the Persian Empire fled to Himalayan and Karakoram valleys, Excited Christian scholars have suggested the carving is a centuries-old St Thomas cross, showing Christianity reached further in the region and earlier than thought.


When St. Thomas the Apostle visited Pakistan

Salman Rashid: Taxila Cross

It is taken by believers as a sign of the arrival of Christianity in our part of the world at the time that Sirkap lived.

In 1935, a farmer tilling a field outside the ruins found a cross, “Taxila Cross” is now kept framed at the Cathedral Church of Lahore. The inscription below records that it was found in 1935 at Sirkap and donated to the church. This was a time when a book titled “Acts of Thomas” was discovered in 1822 in Syria, the book told that how St Thomas, having been assigned by Christ to preach the Gospel to the Indians.  Courtesy: Salman Rashid article “Taxila Cross” published in Tribune Dec, 16, 2011.

Christ Church Rawalpindi 1852

Christ Church was designed as the place of worship for the large British garrison in Rawalpindi. The interior is full of marble and brass commemorative plaques to all those who died in action, or more often from fever, in the campaigns on the North West Frontier of India from the 1850s to the 1940s. The church was built in 1852 and has recently been refurbished. The plasterwork render has been removed from the exterior walls and rather garish new roof-tiles fitted. The church is beautifully maintained by the small Christian community which nonetheless packs the church each Sunday.



Sacred Heart Cathedral is the seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Lahore. Built at the behest of bishop of Lahore, 1893-1904. Its roots lie in the historical presence of the Belgian Capuchins in Pakistan. The Sacred Heart High School for Girls is a private Catholic primary and secondary school for girls located in Lahore Pakistan. Established in 1908 by Mother Mary of the Holy Trinity order, the school is one of the oldest girls schools and is administered by the Catholic Archdiocese of Lahore.


165-year-old St Mary’s Cathedral, Multan

The 170-year old St. Mary’s Cathedral is certainly a sight to behold. One of the largest and oldest churches in Multan. It was built primarily for the British Army personnel. The church’s foundation was laid in 1848, but according to some accounts, the construction was completed within the next 10 years. In 2013, the Pakistan Army worked with the civil society of Multan to renovate St. Mary’s Cathedral. The revocation cost more than 5 million rupees at the time.



St_Andrew_Church_stained_glass_window Lahore
St_Andrew Church_stained_glass_window Lahore
St John's Church Jehlum
The Holy Trinity Cathedral Church (Sialkot Cathedral)

150 Years OLD-Holy Trinity Church, Murree

The Holy Trinity Church is one of many churches the British built in Murree. The Holy Trinity Church was built in 1857. The first brick of the church was laid on March 2, 1850, but the church bell first rang on May 17, seven years later, to signal the formal start of church services. The main prayer hall can accommodate more than 400 people at a time. A pipe organ used for hymns and carols as old as the church itself stands in its original place, but is no longer in working condition. Along the wall, plaques hold details of prominent individuals who died in Murree during the colonial period. Maj W.U. Cole and Maj F.S. Dimon, 3rd Dragoon Guards ((Prince of Wales’), died in Murree on Sept 3, 1982; a plaque has been installed in memory of both men by the officers and members of their regiment.


The 'Gora Kabristan' (Christian Cemetry) in Lahore
War veterans from the era of British rule in sub-continent have been buried in the “Gora Kabristan” of Rawalpindi.

Englishmen Cemetery Fort Munro, Punjab,

Fort Munroe Christian Graveyard
Fort Munroe Christian Graveyard

These are photographs of a small walled Englishmen Cemetery located at the Hill Station of Fort Munro District Dera Ghazi Khan, Punjab, Pakistan. These graves are of Maud Evelyn, James Frederick, Rev. N. H. Smith and Allevean Smith. There are only five graves of English men and women in this small Graveyard of Fort Munro.

1- ” Revd. N. R. Smith of Grahamstown South Africa who sank when bathing at Fort Munro August 2nd 1900. Aged 30.”

2- ” James Frederick The infant son of Captain and Mrs: J. W. C. Hutchinson; VIth P. I. Born 23rd September 1897. Died 26th April 1898. Thy will be sonp”

3- ” In loving Memory of Maud Evelyn wife of Captain M. Li. Ferrar, Indian Army Punjab Commission. Only daughter of W. B. Oldham ESQr I. C. S. C. I. E. Who died at Khar on the 13th October 1906. Aged 26 years.”

Courtesy by Mr. Muhammad Azeem Shah Bukhari Sahib


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Punjab is blessed with an abundance of beautiful, historic churches. Where you will experience not only distinctive architectural features but also historical significance and symbol of British rule in sub-continent. On the other count cemeteries in Murree, Lahore and Fort Munroe have their own distinct place in history. We have after extensive research have put together tour of churches and cemeteries that will take you back into past time era and enrich yourself with host of stories that are narrated by our experienced Guides.